The Face is the index of the mind. All would have heard about this adage. Every part of the face has a specific feature and solitary work. It is here to register that only humans have such lower jaw protrusion called chin. Chin’s prime duty is to resist the stress produced by tongue muscle contractions and prevents the jaw from stressed movements. Chin evolved to  assist the jaw in activities  like munching, grinding. There is an incredible fact about chin which decides the sexual selection. In general men with broad chins will have good genes, as such narrow chin women do have estrogen hormone at high levels. These facts are determined by the psychologist after a deep research.

    ReconFace from Hyderabad  have an exclusive Maxillofacial & Facial PlasticSurgery Unit  which helps people with facial deformities. ReconFace has been improving its services year after year across the world and it is considered to be the exact destination Facial Trauma and Orthognathic (correcting conditions in jaw and face so as to cure the problems) surgery. 

    ReconFace’ s advanced and cutting edge technologies explores new methods of treatment. We offer the best possible emergency care system for facial andOrthognathic traumas. Our experienced physicians meticulously examine every patient with an extensive care and support with proper and affordable treatments.

    Chin deformity correction will be categorized under Orthognathic surgery. Various advanced treatments are available for aesthetic chin correction. Distraction osteogenesis is done using advanced equipmentto reposition facial bones gradually. This less invasive procedure helps to treat especially children with small jaw that leads to sleep apnea, dyspnea etc.,

    Osseousgenioplasty is a less invasive procedure that changes the chin structure. This procedure is implied to move patients’ own chin.  Patients with large chin can also be treated with chin reduction treatments.

    ReconFace offers Best Chin deformity Treatment in Hyderabad. ReconFace stands with well equipped surgical theaters, offer complete treatments for facial,head and neck problems. When you come here with hurdles, we ensure your return will be with harmony.

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