Cleft orthognathic surgery is a corrective procedure carried out for managing cleft conditions.Cleft simply means the split or division in palate or lip of the facial profile.The cleft is formed in individuals while they are in mother's womb. The lack of tissue growth that joins lip or mouth contributes towards cleft conditions. It occurs in the very early stage of fetal development. The deformity arises due to unknown factors,that are not yet identified. The chance of hereditary,environment and health of mother are often regarded as a concern.

    The early stage cleft conditions may be identified by advanced imaging techniques. After birth visible changes can be assessed through physical examination.As discussed earlier cleft can be classified on the basis of the area where it is affected. If it is in lip it is known as cleft lip,else if it is in mouth roof, then it is known as cleft palate.

      There are so many complications associated with this cleft problem. It includes
    • Facial deformity
    • Inability to have proper food intake
    • Speech related problems
    • Prone towards eye-ear infections
    • Poor oral health

    So in order to resolve this issues orthognathic procedures are initiated.More often,it may not be a single step procedure. The time of intervention and level of deformity plays a crucial role in treatment procedures.It is easy to cure the problem if proper measures are taken from the very infancy. Multiple procedures are to be taken so that it will help in achieving normal appearance. The final touch procedures are only done when the individual reach his/her maturity so that facial profile is fully developed. Even the adults and grownup ones who are affected by cleft conditions can improve their facial profile by undergoing proper measures.

    We at Recon face have a comprehensive approach for managing cleft conditions. Our specialized team of orthognathic experts, dental specialists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic experts will gift you with proper facial profile that could improve your confidence and remove all your emotional concerns.

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