Cysts and tumors are serious conditions that could affect facial or oral profile. Cysts are bumps or lumps on oral tissues that contain fluid enveloped by a thin membrane surrounded with capsule. On the other hand,tumor is an undesirable tissue growth in semi-solid or solid form caused by overproduction of cells. Both have different types and can be found in oral parts such as cheeks, tongue, mouth floor ,lips,teeth parts,jaws and gums.

    There are many concerns that are brought by cysts and tumors, they are
    • Infections
    • Pain and inflammation
    • Deformities
    • Effects functioning of oral parts
    • Contribution in damaging oral parts
    • Chance of oral malignancy and cancers

    Cysts and tumors are identified by proper oral checkups which involves physical examination,radiography and other imaging techniques.Sometimes doctor may suggest with a biopsy to have proper identification of condition.It is always recommended to undergo cyst and tumor removal even when it is not causing any pain.Because it may grow aggressively and are prone to infections.The treatment is initiated after considering conditions such as oral health of the person,the type of cyst or tumor and other factors.The procedures are to be taken under the guidance and coordination of oral and maxillofacial experts,laser specialists,surgeons,oncologist and anesthesiologists.We at Recon Face best facilities and experts who can help you in managing with cyst and tumor removal.We have comprehensive solutions aided with cutting edge technology.

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