Distraction osteogenisis is a process of gradual lengthening of bone over a period of time.This method is indicated in those individuals who have severely small jaws.It can be done either in the upper or lower jaws. This unique technique of gradual lengthening of the deficient jaw bones has been adopted by maxillofacial surgeons from their orthopaedic colleagues who employ the same technique to lengthen short legs or polio inflected legs. The technique came into existence popularly as Illizarov technique. It is denoted for those facial bones which are severely deficient and one stage surgery to improve the condition may not be possible.This is a simple procedure and extremely safe in trained hands.

    Distraction Osteogenisis in Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis

    Distraction Osteogenisis Procedure

    Distraction Osteogenisis Hyderabad

    Distraction Osteogenisis in a case of Pierre Robin Syndrome

    Distraction Osteogenisis Treatment

    It is indicated in certain specific conditions like

    • Fused joints of lower jaw – Temporomandibular joint ankylosis
    • Lower jaw which did not grow adequately causing cosmetic or functional problem – Retrognathic mandible
    • Lower jaw which is deficient from birth and causing difficulty in breathing for the baby – Pirrie Robin Syndrome
    • Upper jaw which is not grown due to previous cleft surgery – Cleft maxilla

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