Facial deformity correction includes all those procedures undertaken in managing facial or oral abnormality conditions.These condition may be inborn or acquired ones.It deals with the corrective measures for deformities associated with jaws,lips,gums,teeth,mouth floor,facial bones,head and neck areas and other related tissues.It involves reconstructive and maintenance procedures.

    We Recon Face is hailed as a herald of corrective oral and facial procedures due to the wide variety of procedures provided at our centre. We are successful in managing a wide range of problems faced by individuals relating to their oral conditions.

    Facial deformities concerned with genetic factors, complications of oral mutation diseases, cancers, undesirable growths, traumas, and accidents are effectively resolved.

    Facial deformity correction procedures,

    • Cranofacial procedures
    • Reconstructive procedures
    • Orthognathic procedures
    • Plastic-cosmetic procedures
    • Distraction Osteogenisis procedures
    • Grafting procedures
    • Cyst, cancer and abnormal growth removal procedures
    • Procedures to manage cleft

    We are happy that, we could gift our patient with normal and pleasing appearance. The best aspect about our centre we have a well integrated network of specialists which encompasses of orthognathic experts, oral-Maxillofacial specialists, laser experts, anesthesiologists,plastic and cosmetic surgeons and head and neck specialists. Our explorative quest and exposure helps to provide better results. Each case is peculiar and typical so according to that we follow individualized correction procedures. We are having latest technologies and sophisticated solutions.


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