“Every life is precious.” Imagine an ambulance ferrying through the road on a busy traffic day with its alarms blaring…… One day any one of us or any of our dear ones can be in it frustrated and anxiously waiting to reach the nearest medical facility earliest.

    Otherwise, in the same traffic we are all there trying hard to reach our office, home, school or meeting in time and forgetting for a moment that giving way to this ambulance can save one precious life. At the most we might reach our destination bit late but trying to reach in time ignoring this one precious life is utterly dastardly and selfish.

    We from “Recon Face” launched a campaign to bring awareness among everyone on the importance of a simple gesture of giving “Way to an Ambulance”.

    Give Way To An Ambulance

    So, C’mon Hyderabad let us set an example to the rest of the nation by pioneering in giving a way to an ambulance and saving a life.

    Recon Face launches a campaign “Give Way to Ambulance”. In an emergency situation every second is extremely precious. Researchers say that most of the emergencies can be averted and patient can be saved if timely intervention is done. The life and limb of serious and/or injured patient can be saved if the ambulance can reach the patient in the golden hour. Researchers have shown that if the medical help can reach the injured patient the chances of survival improves manifold. The golden hour in trauma patients, though obsolete now, reiterates the importance of timely arrival of the patient to the hospital. The present system faces a severe shortage of skilled paramedics who can man ambulances and effectively respond to pre-hospital care. Fittingly, Dr Talat Halim – Director, Emergency Medicine & Trauma Centre, Max Healthcare, calls emergency medicine in India as a fringe specialty. He opines that emergency is used as a 'transit department' rather than a 'clinical decision unit'.

    Statistics Speak

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    An extrapolation from a report provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) on emergency medical cases indicates that by 2020 road crashes will be a major killer in India, accounting for 546,000 deaths. Although India has only one per cent of the world’s motor vehicles, it still accounts for six per cent of the total global Road Traffic Accidental (RTA) deaths. Moreover, registered deaths due to other medical emergencies such as stroke, cardiac arrests, natural calamities and terrorist attacks are also mounting. Dr Kole in one of the white papers has mentioned that in India 98.5 per cent ambulances are used for transporting dead bodies, 90 per cent of ambulances are devoid of oxygen equipment, 95 per cent ambulances have untrained personnel, most ED doctors having no formal training in EM, there is misuse of government ambulances and 30 per cent mortality has been reported in recent times due to delay in care.

    Everyone of us have to realize that someday anyone of us or our close associates can be there inside this ambulance which we see every day on the road buzzing its siren and trying to get past the unrelenting traffic. Every one of us is always in hurry to reach either the workplace, home or some other place and in the process fail to recognize presence of this ambulance behind us waiting for us to give it a way. A simple gesture of getting off the road to give way to an ambulance just for a moment can save one life.

    We from “Recon Face” involved since many years in managing horrid facial trauma in an emergency set up values the importance of giving way to the ambulance on the roads. This is a campaign launched at Hyderabad to bring in awareness among each and every one of us to realize the importance of giving way to an ambulance on the road. Please spread this message around to make this campaign viral and make this beautiful city of Hyderabad a leading example to the entire nation in respecting ones precious life by a simple gesture of giving way to an ambulance.

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