Tumors are the uncontrollable and unwanted growth of cells in the body, ranging from superficial growths to deep invading tumors. Oral cancer is one of the most rampant diseases in India due to developing socio economic status compounded by habits like smoking; pan chewing, guthka chewing and betel nut chewing. Any painless growth or non healing ulcer of longer than 2 weeks duration in any part of the mouth should not be ignored and an immediate expert opinion should be taken. Your Maxillofacial surgeon will thoroughly examine the lesion clinically and then if required will take a small piece of tissue from the suspected site under local anesthesia (biopsy) and will send it to the pathologist for microscopic examination and confirmation of diagnosis (Histopathology).

    Treatment for oral cancer is primarily surgical, where the entire tumor and surrounding tissues will be removed and thereafter the treatment will be augmented with radiation therapy and chemotherapy (medicines) depending on the stage of disease. Cancer is a dreadful disease because it spreads rapidly to other parts of the body especially to the neck in case of oral cancer. Removal of cancerous portion of the body can result in considerable disfigurement of that part of the face and therefore needs good reconstruction to restore as near normal anatomy and function as possible

    Benign and Malignant Tumors

    Benign Tumors:

    Unlike malignant tumors (oral cancer), benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body. They are generally locally aggressive and manifest as huge painless swelling usually originating from within lower or upper jaw. Although they don’t spread to other parts, they can be quite destructive locally and should not be ignored. Even these tumors need to be treated aggressively by surgery and removal of the effected portion of the face or bone is the only solution. The earlier they are identified the lesser tissue will be sacrificed. The resection should invariably followed by good reconstructive work to restore as near normal anatomy and function as possible.


    Removal of any tumor, weather benign or malignant should be followed by good reconstructive work to improve the quality of life of the patients post operatively. Face has complex anatomy with multiple vital structures and reconstructing each and every detail of the face needs specialized training and very good understanding of the micro anatomy of face. Maxillofacial surgeons are well trained in reconstructing the face to the finest detail possible and Recon Face team has got specialized trained surgeons to accomplish this task. Plethora of options are available to reconstruct ones lost part of the face starting from non living tissues to bone grafts and most recent vascularised bone grafts or tissue engineering methods to create the new tissue. The reconstructive team will see the patient before the tumor surgery and will have discussion with the operating surgeon and patient to choose the best possible reconstructive option for the individual patient.

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