A painless growth, a non-healing long standing ulcer or discoloration of any part of your oral cavity in the form of a thick red or a white patch is an ominous sign of an impending or an underlying oral cancer. In 2011, Cancer overtook heart disease to be the world's topmost killer. According to the study by World Health Organisation (WHO), part of that trend will be more than double by 2030.

    The year-wise statistics reveals that, more than 3,00,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed all over the world. Among them majority is diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer (III or IV). This shoots-up oral cancer as an important public health concern that contributes for 3% to 10% of cancer deaths all over the world. When it comes to the data of India 4 in 10 of all cancers diagnosed are oral cancers. In our country about 130,000 people succumb to oral cancer annually, which translates into approximately 14 deaths in every 60 minutes. The high prevalence of oral cancer in India is primarily due to tobacco consumption in the form of gutka, snuff, quid, or misri. Growing tobacco intake in India, where 40% of the world's smokers live has contributed to this progression.

    With this kind of increasing trends in the incidence of oral cancers, it is very important to have regular check-up of your oral cavity. Your family dentist or your Maxillofacial surgeon will play a crucial role in identifying these cancer changes at a very early stage. The prognosis of oral cancer is directly proportional to its duration and will notoriously spread to the other parts of mouth and the neck. Maxillofacial surgery is a specialised branch of surgery that is trained to treat oral cancer at various stages in association with other specialists like an oncosurgeon, radiation oncologist and chemotherapist.

    Team Recon Face is one such team in Hyderabad which consist of specialised surgeons who are trained to treat oral cancer and also reconstruct the affected region of the mouth or face with various modalities so as to improve the quality of life after surgical treatment of oral cancer.


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