Facial soft tissue injuries resulting from any trauma will present with an unpleasant appearance. Any minor scar on face resulting from soft tissue injury will clearly show up and can make the patient quite uncomfortable in the public. Not only the cosmetic problem it can create but also a huge scar contracture can impair jaw movements and prevent closure of the eye or can cause other related functional problems.


    Contusions are bruising injury with or without hematoma which is usually caused by blunt trauma. Hematoma is the localized collection of blood arising from the damages caused to blood vessels. Sometimes contusions will undergo resorption spontaneously without any treatments while others need surgery.

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    Abrasions may result from a forcible and sudden friction. All debris should be cleaned from the wound. Otherwise it can lead to tattooing of the skin and poor cosmetic results. Application of antibiotic ointment over the wounds to lubricate it and covering it with a sterile bandage may enhance healing.


    It is one of the most disfiguring facial soft tissue injuries. Avulsion is the tearing away of any structure in the body from its normal position as the result of traumas. Tearing of dermal layer of skin is usual as part of a trauma. Cleaning wound daily and keeping it dry is necessary for healing.


    Lacerations repair should be undertaken after underlying structures have been assessed and foreign bodies removed. Injured contused tissue must be excised, regardless of its location and importance. Minor lacerations do not require medical attention always. But some lacerations with exposed bones or invisible debris even after the debris removal require repair. The treatments include cleaning of the wound, removing damaged tissues and closing the wounds.

    Anatomically important contused marginal tissues should be managed with secondary reconstructive surgery instead of debridement. The muscles of facial expression are so closely associated with the skin, so if possible muscle layer should be identified and closed separately with fine absorbable sutures.

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