Snoring treatment is a corrective measure taken in managing snoring disorder.Snoring is a common and irritative sleeping disorder seen in adults. It is often considered as a problem that people will make fun off,but the thing is that, it is not a silly thing to be neglected.The snoring not only creates an irritative noise, but also pinpoints about the chance of heart or respiratory related problems.

    During the time of sleep muscles get loosened and relaxed. This may obstruct the passage of air in inhalation which make the person to snore. The tissues,nasal passage,structure and form of tonsils or tongue and position of jaws may contribute towards snoring. In this condition, supply of oxygen gets disturbed and person wakes up from sleep. In some cases, chest pain and other discomforts are associated with.

    Without taking proper treatment snoring problem may lead to

    • Sleep apnea

    • Breathlessness

    • Irregular sleep pattern

    • Stress and strain

    • Frequent head aches

    • Lack of concentration and memory span

    • Blood pressure

    There are many treatment options for managing snoring problems. Some times a simple orthognathic surgery could help you to avoid snoring problem. If the problem is with your oral profile, then this surgery will be the best option. This will realign the jaw bones and oral structure such that it ensures proper passage of air during breath.This Maxillomandibular procedures could give permanent results. We at Recon Face Team ensure better management of all your facial profile related problems.

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